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World Championships Bermuda Bowl Contest!

Now that was a mouthful!

It’s that time of year and Master Point Press is out to get you excited about the Bermuda Bowl and other World Team Championship games!

Our contest:

Select the teams that place in the Bermuda Bowl to win fabulous prizes for your bridge habit.

Your job is to:

Pick the final eight teams

Pick the four semifinalists

Pick the two finalists

Pick the winner of the 3/4 game

Pick the winner

Tie breaker this year: who you think will be the highest placing team in the D’Orsi Senior Bowl.

If there is a tie the winner will be chosen by the position of their Senior team.  If there is still a tie then we will select the winner through an electronic coin toss here in the headquarters of MPP.


  1. 1 point for each of the quarter finalists: MAX 8 points
  2. 2 points for each of the four semifinalists: MAX 8 points
  3. 3 points for each of the two finalists: MAX 6 points
  4. 3 points for the winner of the 3/4 playoff: MAX 4 points
  5. 4 points for the winner of the final: MAX 4 points

Now Linda has asked that if any mathematician thinks we should change the point system to then let us know.

The Prize (What would a contest be without a prize?!): A gift certificate for $25 for OR a paper copy of one of the best bridge books of all time, The Rodwell Files, personally put in an envelope by Sally Sparrow and sent to you OR an autographed (by Linda Lee) copy of Bridge Squeezes Complete, which Linda will personally put in an envelope and send to you.

All entrants will get a $5 gift certificate to This gift certificate will be emailed to you when the Championships begin!

Send your entries to me at

Entries must be submitted before Saturday October 15th!

We will endeavor to keep you up to date on the score but you can find all the information on teams, times and games at

And if you’re interested here’s a link to Linda’s Picks!

As always, cheers, happy bridge playing and I await all your entries to the contest. They just keep coming in!

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