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‘Tricks Are For Kids’ the October Newsletter!


The new newsletter for is out with a few new features such as Interview a GTA Junior!

Now you might be wondering, Why are Master Point Press and excited?

It is very simple: because we LOVE bridge and we think it’s great to see the game of bridge grabbing a new and young audience. Who knows, could be interviewing and guiding the next generation of bridge teachers and masters as we speak!

In this most recent newsletter we see the new feature ‘Interview with a GTA Junior’, this edition featuring Shan Huang, 22 from Toronto! Interviewing Juniors is a great way for the rest of the bridge community to join them in their growth with the game, see what they like best and know a bit more about the bridge players of tomorrow.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the newsletter and look at too. October2011 Newsletter.pdf


Lisa and the Master Point Press Team!

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