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Linda and Ray’s Holiday Gift Picks

Linda and Ray's Holiday Picks

This holiday season Linda and Ray Lee have decided to put together a list of great bridge books to give as gifts. For twelve days they will post daily blogs about who they would gift each book to and why.

To celebrate the holidays with Linda and Ray receive 20% off each of these great bridge picks on!

eBooks on sale this December

A link to each blog will appear below as they are posted. Stay tuned for the next installment!

A Book for Cynthia by Ray Lee
A Special Relationship by Linda Lee
A Gift For David by Ray Lee
Who Should Get My Favorite Bridge Book by Linda Lee
Here’s one for Fred┬áby Ray Lee
A Gift for our Bridge Student Friends by Linda Lee
A Gift for my Son by Ray Lee
A Gift for My Sister by Linda Lee
A Gift for Papa by Ray Lee
Bridge Problems that Change The Way You Look At a Hand by Linda Lee
A Gift for Roberta by Ray Lee
One Book That Rules Them All by Linda Lee

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