Lisa Wilson

And I’m confused…

It’s just after 3pm on a Friday afternoon and I feel like I’ve been through a whirlwind! For the last hour or so I was taken through my first game of Bridge with Linda and the gang here at Master Point Press.

My Conclusion: I need to learn to speak the language of bidding! There is a lot that goes into the game and thankfully everyone here has been patient enough to let me stumble and learn. I enjoyed it, though I doubt I could recreate any hands here to help descibe the game itself.

What I do know is that my bidding is going to need some training! For what I bid as a 1 quickly turned into a 4 that I could not see through. It was madness I tell you! A wonderful entertaining and educational madness that I’ll gladly try my hand at again.

Linda has been wonderful in teaching me the do’s and don’t with a very supportive attitude. After each hand we walked through what I could have done better, what I did well and what couldn’t be avoided. Definitions started coming at me and all those words I’ve been reading in the bridge books like ‘Finesse’ are starting to have more meaning than just ‘bridge terms’. While Sally and Ray demonstrated to me that bidding is a complicated language, completely reliant on what happened before, after and from what direction.

Now here’s to hoping that next time I get some better hands and a little courage to bid with confidence and play strategically.

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