Lisa Wilson

Cheer on our Canadian Women’s Team!

Good luck to the Canada Team in the 18th World Zonal Women Team Championship for the Venice Cup!

It looks like the ladies will be playing New Zealand tomorrow. If they do well they just might make it into the quarter finals!!

Cheer them on with us here at MPP.

Good luck ladies!

Canadian Team:

Karen CUMPSTONE (Canada)

Joan EATON (Canada)

Sandra FRASER (Canada)

Dianna GORDON (Canada)

Katrin LITWIN (Canada)

Sharyn REUS (Canada)

Nader HANNA (Canada) non-playing captain

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LIndaOctober 23rd, 2011 at 5:36 pm

I am sorry you didn’t make it but know that we were all rooting for you.

Best wishes.

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