Lisa Wilson

There Goes the Neighborhood!

Hello followers and stumblers from the world wide web!

My name’s Lisa, the new spunky Intern here at Master Point Press! Okay maybe a little less spunky and a bit more ‘odd’ but I’m here! I am truly excited for the opportunity to work with the blog, bloggers and MPP.

This will be a short introduction as I have something special in store and I just can’t wait to share with you all! I bet you’re just itching to know now…

I am new to Bridge. Very new. Yesterday was my very first dive into the pool and I’m treading well enough. I spent a good deal of the day playing with robots online which of course reminded me how important real people are when it comes to Bridge.

Am I good? Oh heaven’s no, and since I am definitely not be the next Bridge prodigy  I’ll keep trucking. I’ve been a Euchre girl since probably about 8 years old, playing until the early morning with my mother, brother and stepfather whenever we went vacationing, so it’s certainly going to take kicking some old habits to get the swing of it. But I’m sure you’ll all have tips on how I can be better and I welcome any advice you have!

I’ve been reading Beginning Bridge and the overall play basics are coming to me. Bidding is another issue but I’m excited! I’m all a bustle with hopes to learn the game and I look forward to my first few with Linda and everyone here at MPP.

Now before you shake your head at my lack of Bridge knowledge I assure you all I’m a very quick learner and that I look forward to adding Bridge played to my list of skills (blogging, writing, photography and minimal publishing experience to name a few).

So wish me luck!


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