Lisa Wilson

And the winner is…

The Netherlands!

Congratulations go out to all participants and the winners of the 40th World Team Championships. USA 2 took the silver, and Italy the bronze. But the home advantage must be a wonderful edge that with skill and luck earned The Netherlands their win.

We’ve had lots of bloggers post about the Championships from the home field and abroad. Here at Master Point Press Linda was often watching and a running commentary would come along with it. It was a great time and I can’t wait for the 41st games.

But we all know you’re itching to see who won out Contest: Guess that Bermuda Bowl Winner!

It was close, and I was interested to see how different the votes went but the winner of our contest goes to…

Kevin Lane!

Congratulations to Kevin, who scored 17 out of 30 potential points. He may not have guessed the winner, but he had a mind for the top players and we’re pleased to announce his prize selection:

A gift certificate for $25 for


A paper copy of one of the best bridge books of all time, The Rodwell Files,

personally put in an envelope by Sally Sparrow and sent to you


An autographed (by Linda Lee) copy of Bridge Squeezes Complete, which Linda

will personally put in an envelope and send to you.

For all our entrants into the contest, we thank you for your time and I will be personally setting up the emails to get you all your $5 gift certificate for!

We hope you all enjoyed the World Championships as much as we did.

Cheers and Happy gaming.

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